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Géraldine and Georges
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I am French, from Bordeaux. After a 17 year business career in the pharmaceutical industry, I created a real estate agency in Arcachon. My love for Greece began 30 years ago, and during all those years shared it between France and Greece. I had always had in mind installing myself in there permanently, and as I think one should always go till the end of his dreams … I love decorating, restoring old furniture, browse in antique shops. I love sharing a good meal between friends, drink good Bordeaux, gardening, making marmalades, photography … well, I am always active… I have had the chance to meet George and his fantastic island. George was born on the island, so this is a Tziotis. He is beekeeper since the 3rd generation. We carefully enlarged the house that belonged to his grandfather (a building of 1880-th entirely built with local stone). It is located in a prime spot remained still wild, and we share the pleasure of receiving. George is a history buff and beekeeping course! Unfortunately he does not speak English or French. But in Greece we are very attached to the word “filoxenia” then everything is easier!