Honey has always enjoyed a noble path throughout the history of humanity.Its golden color, harmonious flavors with nature have made it a distinctive product. It embodies power, pleasure, antidotes, energy, immunity and many other symbols. Its virtues are well established. Honey even appears to be an excellent product in the treatment of diabetes. Also for lipids, cholesterol, on certain liver enzymes, pancreas… This natural and tasty product can be consumed by children over a year old, given its nutritional values.

Since ancient times, people were treated with honey.

Hippocrates advised its use as a treatment for open wounds and infections of the throat. Obviously, it is better to sweeten our food with honey rather than sugar. Industrial sugars contain sucrose which leads to digestive problems. Honey contains primarily fructose and glucose. Considered a slow sugar it responds better to sportsmen.

Thyme honey is an excellent aid to help in the healing of wounds that are simple cuts or even more widely infected serious wounds.

Used in cooking and especially baking, honey has the ability to retain water. Honey cakes keep longer without drying out.

La Maison Vert Amande production of honey is completely homemade and artisan. All the hives are mainly around our farm at Spathi (Kea-Cyclades).

We harvest our honey with the greatest care, and we proceed with the manual removal of the honey pot directly at its bottling site to retain its subtle floral fragrance here at the honey house La Maison Vert Amande.
We do not cut corners or do custom work.

We are producers from A to Z , which makes all the difference.

We guarantee high quality honey. Our labeled products have a neat design.

Our honey is not heated or from sown flora. It is locally foraged from wildflowers around Spathi.

To ensure genetic quality our swarms are productive and healthy. Working with these insects is fascinating. By respecting the bee and its work, by educating the consumer in respect of the environment, by making it possible for customers to have access to
quality honeys, by using the support and coordination of neighboring beekeepers on the island who respect their values in their practices such as sustainable development, biodiversity…rather than to add to competition that weakens an entire profession,
allows us, La Maison Vert Amande to sustain our business.

Georges is a beekeeper with over 30 years experience. The very modest swarms are increasing every year, but this is growing and is highly dependent on crops. Each year the situation is different, crops can be abundant or low or almost zero.
The result is immediate; investments to support the development of exploitation shall be delivered and anyway wisely reflected.
We do not take beekeeping lightly. It is not like raising a pet dog or cat. We realize that it has requirements, constraints and we will face difficulties. At first we encounter a series of problems that need skills to be solved and are not found simply in a book.

We need to think, study, spend time, listen and stability in terms of our social and professional life. Life must be consistent with beekeeping.
Albert Einstein said “If the bee disappears from the surface of the world, man would have only four years to live. No more bees. no more pollination, no more grass, more animals, more men…”

At La Maison Vert Amande ,our means are simple and effective, because we are passionate and because our goal is to provide a high quality honey, we strive every day contributing to the development and well-being of our bees.