Originally from the Mediterranean, the olive tree probably appeared 60,000 years ago in its wild form. Interesting anecdote: the term “OIL”, which appeared in the early 12th century, comes from the Latin ileum which means olive oil! Olive oil draws its character from the olive tree emblem of the Mediterranean, a symbol of eternity, peace and strength.

The benefits of olive oil include omega 9 mainly. Some olive oils contain sufficient compound phenols with antioxidant properties, to help protect blood lipids against oxidative stress.
In the kitchen it accentuates all our lovely salads, brings character to mashed potatoes and baked lamb, it excites the palate with a sheep milk yogurt and honey…Olive oil offers a wide variety of flavors depending on the type of olive: ripe fruity, fruity green or fruity black. It is a perilous balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity.

Harvesting olives at La Maison Vert Amande is between September and October.

The olive tree is known to give a good crop every other year.

The manufacture of olive oil begins by picking the olives.

Three phases, mingling patience, and know-how, are needed to collect the juice of the olives.

Grinding non-pitted olives, pressing the ground pulp, settling to separate the oil obtained from the olive water and vegetation. It takes about 5 kilos of olives to produce 1 liter of olive oil. Oils differ in many ways, first of all according to their production process.

Virgin olive oil is obtained by natural processes and refined olive oil is extracted by chemical reaction. All varieties of olive oil are suitable for cooking since sublime tastes and flavors are lost by other ingredients in the recipe. They are ideal for all types of cooking: stews or fried foods, salad dressings, accompanying pasta, cooking rice, meats, fish etc…

To choose a good oil, first look at its label, it should read “Extra Virgin”, which means its acidity is less than 1%.The higher the acidity, the lower the quality of the oil. The words ‘first cold pressed, ‘however are of no use, olive oil is still cold pressed.

Choose an olive oil vintage: this is proof that it is not the result of a combination of two years.

Better yet, if the reference orchard or the mill is shown (often the case in delicatessens), this will be proof that it is not a mixture of oils from different countries.

Its conservation is better in a cool place (15-20*C) protected from light.

This is why, we at La Maison Vert Amande have chosen an elegant aluminum bottle that will perfectly protect your olive oil from the damaging effects of light.

Our olive oil is developed in a traditional way with an ancestral knowledge to ensure the best quality for our customers.

The variety of selected olives comes exclusively from the grove of our farm at Spathi in Kea, The flavor of our olive oil is sweet and creamy with a hint of freshness.

Its direct sale from the producer to the consumer price is without any intermediary.

Elixir Health and Longevity is a pure fruit juice, extracted cold in October/November from olive pulp. « Picked immediately, pressed straight away! » After the harvest the olives are pressed immediately, solely by mechanical processes, without refining and with no extra additives. To taste, the nose awakes with notes of fresh grass, cut hay, cooked artichokes and of green almonds. A delicious and pure oil, fresh and intense, with a unique taste; soft and delicate without bitterness. A perfect balance of complex flavours. Our bottles are perfectly opaque to ensure an optimal conservation of the olive oil. They are practical with an anti-drip pourer and will also brighten up your table! When it comes to transporting our bottles, they prove to be less fragile and are four to five times lighter than a glass bottle. Recycling them requires less energy than glass so their environmental impact is much lower. We currently offer the size: 1l. Tip: to open the security seal easily, pull backwards towards the back of the bottle instead of upwards.
7 cl of olive oil
3 eggs
2 bio oranges
80 gms flour
5 g baking yeast
1 pinch of salt
75 g ground almonds
150 g sugar
pinch of saffron filaments
2 tbs orange blossom water

Optional : 3 drops of sweet orange essential oil.

Preheat oven to 180 C. Mix saffron and olive oil.

Zest the oranges and peel them raw, remove seeds, and puree.

Add the olive oil and saffron mix.

Add the eggs one by one, sugar and orange blossom water.

In a bowl, combine flour, yeast, powdered almonds and salt and blend into the previous mixture.

Oil and flour a cake pan.

Bake at 180 C for 30 minutes then cover with aluminum foil, lower oven to 160 C and continue baking for 30 mins.(check that it is baked by poking a toothpick in the centre, if it comes out dry it is ready).