Our vineyard cultivation produces an emotional link between space and knowledge.

By our ever mindful of the environment, with an exceptional soil, environmental friendly farming, our manual harvesting, our small yields and traditional vinification all confer to give our wine a strong identity.

The vineyard is worked fully by hand and meticulously maintained.
The soil is worked so as to maintain its biological balance in order to be living and balanced, capable of feeding the vines.

Never spraying pesticides under the vines where the hoer does not go, are removed by hand. Each year, to aerate the soil and promote the work of microorganisms, the vineyard is plowed once at the beginning of the year and then on tilled regularly until the end of summer.

Harvesting of grapes is done traditionally by hand in the latter half of September.

Whatever guests are present then can participate, the work lasts only one day.

Happily we discover how each vintage, like the harvest differs from year to year.

At La Maison Vert Amande winemaking takes place in an old press and the grapes are pressed immediately after harvesting.

Traditional vinification of the red grapes is done with the de-stemmed and crushed harvest.

Our wine is very natural and to maintain optimum taste it is not filtered and its clarification occurs naturally in oak casks.

The hue of our wine is purple- red, aromatic and slightly muscat. It has both a fruity and mineral palate, with finesse and medium acidity and an approximate alcohol content of 13%.

Effervescent and refreshing, it is a perfect wine for celebrations.

At La Maison Vert Amande we sell our wine in bulk or bottled.
Do not hesitate to ask our prices.