Handmade Jams

At La Maison Vert Amande we are lucky to have a variety of fruit trees. Our fruits and vegetables are grown in respect for the environment without the use of pesticides. The exploitation is human scale. My jams are made in a traditional manner and are a simple pleasure for an exceptional moment.

Far from industrial techniques, my jams are prepared manually. I choose my fruits carefully, sorted as required, pitted exclusively by hand and cut one by one with a knife. I work the fruits in small quantities. My jams are 100% fresh fruit harvested same day, without added preservatives, gels, flavor enhancers and color agents.

In order to preserve the best flavor, color and texture, the jams are cooked in small batches.

Although working with traditional methods hygiene is observed and not neglected. The quantity of sugar added is determined depending on each fruit or fruit mixture. White sugar is used which I consider the purest and most neutral as it does not distort the flavor and fragrance of the jam.

Very low sugar jams are bottled hot, the jars are sterilized at 200 *C before filling. Jarring is done as quickly as possible so flavor is retained.
As no preservatives are used, refrigeration after opening is recommended.