Spatholado (St John’s worth essential oil) is recognized for its many properties. It was a famous cure of the Ancient Spartans, who healed their wounds with this after battles.

Known for its many properties it remains an “essential drug” from early times until our days. Here on Kea, there are many people who make Spatholado.

The flowers bloom from the beginning of May until June. Its official name is Hypericum or Carex or St John’s worth. It is one of the most common flowers of Greek flora, and grows on uncultivated land.

This plant is distinguished not only by its bright yellow color but also for its many medicinal properties-anti depressant, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and healing properties. Spatholado also helps in the treatment of sciatica, rheumatic pain, joint pain, healing of wounds, bruises and first degree burns.

Its healing properties are excellent. Spatholado is also ideal for all therapeutic massages and relaxing.
It can be enriched with other essential oils.

Its preparation is simple.

The flower must be picked in the morning and prepared freshly harvested.

The spatholado will mature in the sun after about 40 days in a maceration of high quality olive oil and will result in a red color and then stored in a bright spot.

At La Maison Vert Amande we insist on the fact that the secret comes from the olive oil. Here we use olive oil that we produce.

One can find Spatholado from all over the world but are usually poor quality and use various seeds and oils to give them an unnatural color.

Consumers need to be aware when buying Spatholado and it should not be stored in plastic bottles in which its properties are destroyed, but glass.

It keeps for about one year.

The oil must not be used during the day in the sun and by pregnant women.